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Editing Photographically


For this project instead of just editing photos I chose to do black and white parallax effect using After Effects and Photoshop and to do this I created a panorama background with RAW images. Considering I spend a good amount of time editing photos already I wanted to do something that would challenge me and be fun to create. I incorporated the lesson goal in these ways:

1. I used a variety of tools including quick selection, burn, clone and healing brush in order to create my elements.

2. I altered my images by using creative controls for Black and White to create contrast and add depth.

3. I had to retouch my pictures including removing my elements from the background of images

4. I stitched together RAW pictures into a panorama (When it comes to using every minute productively, that was a horrible plan).

Assets I Used

EX_WFB_Large_Single_01_AF_CR_HDpreview copy Explosion-psd60718 copy explosion3 copy Pano

run walk


Parallax Process

I created this by putting all my assets into 3D space in After Effects. I moved the background super far back and scaled it up to fit the frame. I then moved my fire elements close to the camera so it could pan through the flames and pass Branden, revealing Chase, my subject, ominously framed through the flames. I added a 3D camera and panned passed my elements using keyframes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.40.53 AM


Creating The Layers

I created each element by removing Chase and Branden from their original images using the quick select tool then exporting them as transparent PNGs. I then created my background by importing RAW photos and using Photoshops stitching tool to put them together into a long panorama.

Final Product

What I Learned

I learned that Photoshop not only works great for editing stills but is a good tool to integrate with other Adobe products to create interesting compositions. I did run into a ¬†few problems, a big one being that After Effects was estimating a 23 hour render time on my 10 second composition. I watched a few troubleshooting videos and quickly realized that I was exporting in 4K. Photoshop continues to surprise me in it’s wide range of application.

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